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  • E-Stim II

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    The E-Stim II is the most economical and easy-to-use portable electro-therapy unit. New dual channel, portable, continuous frequency unit features Milli-amp (normal current) and Micro-amp (micro current) settings. Each channel also includes its own green LED light which displays power-on and frequency. Accessories include 2 sets of alligator clip wires, 9 volt battery, and instructions.

  • Ion Cord

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    New and improved design. Technique as developed by Dr. Manaka of Japan for Eight Extra Meridian and other special treatments. Proprietary, highly sensitive Germanium diodes within the connecting wires allow the body’s potential current energy to flow only in one direction, thus balancing ionic flows and concentrations. The Manaka Ion Pumping Cords have standard alligator clips. Approximately 78″ long wire cords. Cord colors subject to change.

  • ITO ES-130

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    Introducing the new ITO ES-130, this model replaces the popular IC-1107+. This new model is designed and calibrated to meet all essential safety and regulatory industry standards.

    With its fresh new look, the ES-130 is a compact, lightweight, sturdy, palm size, high quality Japanese electro-therapy device. Featuring a High/Low switch on the back of the unit, the switch is toggled to Low to facilitate use with needles or to High for MEA electro-therapy. It offers three independently controlled output channels with adjustable frequency indicated by a flashing light. The waveform is a unique biphasic pulse which has been designed to minimize electrolysis damage to the needle.

    The pocket portable ES-130 is the smallest and smartest looking professional electro-therapy unit in the world, for use in or out of the office. This unit is not equipped with a point locator.

    <i>Accessories include 3 sets of new CE wire leads with rectangular CE jack, carrying case, belt clip, and instructions. Does not include battery.</i>